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“I like it here”


Jonas Hofmannmade the switch from BVB to FSV and according to him, there’s not muchdifference between the two

Jonas Hofmann从多特蒙德转会来到了美因茨。对他而言,这两个俱乐部之间并没有很大差别。

Jonas Hofmann,who has arrived at Bruchweg on a year-long loan from BVB, believes the onlydifference between Borussia Dortmund and Mainz 05 are the attendances.Basically, the 21-year-old, said that everything is the same here, particularlyin terms of playing philosophy. The international, who has played in theChampions League at the Bernabeau with the yellow and blacks, is already on the same wavelength as his new manager Kasper Hjulmand.Hofmann is happy with many things here, including his time already spent atFSV, the close-proximity of his family, who come from the Heidelberg region,and with his on-pitch relationship with Shinji Okazaki, which is equally asstrong as the one that he formed with Robert Lewandowski. We spoke to himabout…
Jonas Hofmann,从多特蒙德租借一年到布鲁赫路(小美主场),相信多特蒙德和美因茨唯一的不同就是上座率。这个21岁的年轻人说,基本上这里的一切都是一样的,尤其是足球哲学。这个跟随多特在伯纳乌打过欧冠比赛的国际球员,已经与新教练卡斯珀·尤尔曼互相了解。Hofmann对这里的很多事情都很开心,包括他已经在美因茨度过的时光,这里距离他在海德堡的家更近,还有跟冈崎慎司建立的在球场上的关系——几乎与他和莱万的关系一样铁。我们和他聊了聊……
…how his switch to Mainz came about: “The first contact was made on theThursday before the transfer deadline. Michael Zorc asked me whether I would behappy with a loan move to Mainz and it was also clear to me that an approachhad been made for Shinji Kagawa. I got together with my parents, my brother andmy girlfriend to talk about it. It was important for me to involve my closefamily in my decision. But actually it was quite an easy decision:I wanted to make the step forward. There were other clubs, but the05ers were my first choice because they have a philosophy not too different tothat of Dortmund. It was perfect for me and everything went quickly after that.
…good tips from the ex-Mainz players in Dortmund: “(laughs) Yes, there are a lot ofex-Mainz players in Dortmund! I had a good chat with David Wagner, who nowcoaches the under 23’s, because he was my manager in the under 17’s and came toDortmund at the same time as me. The others also had only good things to say about Mainz. But no onecould have dissuaded me from going- the good reputation of the club made thedecision very easy.”
…多特蒙德的前美因茨球员的好建议:“(笑)是的,多特蒙德有很多前美因茨球员!我和现在在u23当教练的David Wagner好好聊了聊——他是我在u17时的教练,和我同时来到多特蒙德的。其他人对美因茨也只有好评。没有人劝阻我的加盟——这家俱乐部的良好声誉让做决定变得很简单。”
…his new manager Kasper Hjulmand: “It was immediately obvious from ourfirst meeting that we were on the same wavelength h. He explained how he playsfootball and what role he had in mind for me. I find his philosophy superbbecause it complements my game well. 
…他的新教练卡斯珀 尤尔曼:“在第一次见面时,我们的观点一致就很显而易见了。他向我解释了他的布阵思路以及将如何发挥我的作用。我认为他的足球哲学很棒,因为它极好地补充了我的比赛技巧。
...his role in the team: “When I was younger I played as a number10 but when I moved to Dortmund I moved out onto the wing. At BVB I also playedin the middle and even as a holding midfielder. In the meetings with KasperHjulmand, he told me that he saw me playing mainly out wide, which is where Ican use my strength, my pace and my directness towards goal to my advantage.But I don’t actually have a favoured position in the attacking third, just aslong as I play! (laughs)” 
…his new teammates: “Up to now, I haven’t got to know manyof them because Thursday was my first training session in Mainz after beingreleased from the under 21 national side. But with the national team I spoke tomy new teammates Yunus Malli, Johannes Geis and Loris Karius and I asked them alot of questions like how everything works here and what procedures we have andthey told me a few things that I should know. We spoke a lot and understandeach other well and now I can’t wait to get to know the rest of the squad. 
…他的新队友:“到目前位置,我并没有认识大部分队友,因为星期四才是我被u21放了后美因茨后的第一次训练。但是我和我的新队友Yunus Malli, Johannes Geis和 Loris Karius在国家队聊了聊。我问了他们很多问题,像是这里的一切是如何运作的、我们有什么流程,他们也告诉了我一些我需要知道的事情。我们聊了很多并很好地了解了对方。现在我已经等不及去见其他的队友啦。”
…his opinions on the team: “We have a lot of new players and it’strue that we need to gel together as a team. We don’t have a lot of time, asthis weekend’s game is getting closer. But we will quickly develop as a team.There is a lot of quality in our squad – I have no doubt that in the next fewweeks the good times will return.”
…the match in Berlin: “If we get a result in the match then wewill have made a very good start to the new season. Whether I’ll play in thegame remains to be seen. I’m ready to do whatever the manager asks of me. Themanager’s football philosophy is very similar to mine, which makes everythingeasier for us. I know what he expects from me and I am ready.”
…Dortmund being the next opposition: “(laughs) I’ve already messaged myformer team mates on WhatsApp and told them they need to be nice to me! We’vehad a good laugh. Although my first reunion takes place on Saturday in Berlin –I always got on well with Julian Schieber when we played together in Dortmund.
…与多特蒙德的下一场对决:“(笑)我已经在WhatsApp上给老队友们发了信息,让他们好好对我!我们都对此大笑一场,不过我的第一场重聚是周六在柏林——当我们一起在多特蒙德时我一直和Julian Schieber关系很好。”
…his squad number: “Before now I always wore number seven.I picked number 31 here because it was already taken when I arrived. I had thenumber registered with the DFL and consequently can’t switch it. It’s a shame Ican’t change it now Niki Zimling has moved and the number seven is available(laughs). Although to be honest, it doesn’t really matter to me.”
…his Champions League appearances: “It was a great experience. It’s specialto play in that competition, especially as one of my dreams had come true whenI was 21. I am grateful for the chance. You feel a bit tenser before thesematches compared to Bundesliga matches and the atmosphere is a bit different.To face Real Madrid in the Bernabéu is incredible.”
…other sporting interests: “My father was a member of the handballsquad. I played for the academy’s C team as well as for both B teams beforeplaying for my local team TSV Rot 1905. I also occasionally played golf. I usedto play all three sports, but I football was the most fun in my opinion and nowplay it for a living. Thankfully (laughs).”

 …其他感兴趣的运动:“我爸爸是手球队的一员,我还为家乡球队TSV Rot 1905的学校C队和B队打过比赛。我还偶尔打打高尔夫。我以前这三种运动都有参与,不过在我心中足球是最有趣的,而我现在踢足球为生了,谢天谢地(笑)。”